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In 2014 Sofie graduated in Antwerp with a bachelor’s degree in Journalism. She worked as a camera assistant for several national and international fiction series and films. While traveling she creates her own series of pictures. Currently she works as a still photographer


“During the summer I was twelve,  I asked my father about his analogue camera. He gave me two films so I could figure it out myself. Using his camera made me realize life becomes more interesting by capturing people and places surrounding me. It introduced me to a different dimension.

Photography allows me to immerse myself in other ways of life, it is a gateway to discover new parts of the world and different layers of societies. I’m intrigued by the mystery. This is why I love to connect to the person I photograph, so I can portray what I find inside. By going closer and creating an image of those moments, I believe I can illuminate what I see.”

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